Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm not good at making cakes

So I bought one for your birthday instead!

It's Kenzo's birthday soon and so we went to T&T to buy a nice fruit cake. That's not the one, but it looks similar.

How do you say "I'm not good at making cakes"?

You need to use のが which transforms a verb into a gerund. In this cake - I mean, case - we use the verb for make in short form.

to make: つくる (作る)
to make in short form: 作る (it stays the same because positive short form for verbs is the same as dictionary form)
making: 作るのが
making cakes: ケーキを作るのが

I'm not good at making cakes.


So, I buy them at T&T.
だから、T&T でかう。

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