Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Multiple-Adjective Descriptions

If you want to describe something with more than 1 adjective, you can use an adjective て-form.

For example, say you want to say "Kyoko is smart and pretty."
Just like verbs have te-forms, so do adjectives. Make "smart" into its adjective te-form, and add on "pretty" in normal form.

京子さんは頭がよくて、きれいです。 (いい in て-form is よくて)

So how do you make the te-form for adjectives?

For い-adjectives, take off the い and add くて。
For な-adjectives, take off the な and add で。

As with many things, noun descriptions (eg. 日本人, like 日本人です) follow the same rule as the な-adjective. Simply use で instead of です。

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